Mr. JoachimFoerderer, other four Managing directors of BWT, Mr. Micheal Kopper fromCentrisys US and executives from locations of BWT around the world, Goodmorning, Ladies and gentlemen.
        I would like to start my speech with a poem from Chairman Mao Zedong“So many things tobe done and always urgently, the world rolls on and time presses ahead, tenthousand years are too long, let’s seize every minute we are having”
      I was born in1949. I had been a peasant after my high school education. My social role haschanged many times thereafter. In 1970 I was enrolled in Chinese LiberationArmy and became a worker in 1975. I decided to go back to school in 1983. When Irecall my life, I see myself as a peasant, a soldier and scholar. But all ofthese roles have given me what it takes to be an entrepreneur, a role I am takingnow.
       I started my businessin 1996 from scratch. A road in pursuing business success is full of hardshipand difficulties, but none of them has brought me down. I have 40 years’ experiencein field of mechanical manufacturing. So that I know deep in my heart thatexploration and innovation are the soul of business. And I am quite honoredtoday that we gather together here and communicate like colleagues and moreover friends.
       It took only 47days from getting the acquisition information from   Belfinger SE to sign SPA and 100 days tocomplete the deal. I would say this acquisition is of high efficiency. This takeover would have never made so efficiently without decisive action from DengXiang, president of Techcent and Yang Wu, general manager of oversea holdingsector as well as the identification to culture and development strategy of Techcent from management of BWT. 
       Before end of this year, we have significant tasks ahead of us for the 9 months after closing date.Major assets restructuring, Integration of Techcent and BWT, Share holding of BWT management, and marketing in China, all these major steps need to be taken within 9 months. I would like to let you know that how we take these steps will shape the plat form we are going to stand on in the future.
       BWT is an extraordinary International enterprise with longhistory. It creates many renowned world-class brands and develops 18 subsidiaries in 10 countries with well-established management system and maturemarket channels. You have made glory history for BWT but we should renew our efforts to create a better tomorrow.
      So I hereby extendfour expectations and requirements to BWT management and staff on behalf ofTechcent.
A. Techcent has amanagement philosophy of sharing. We offer shareholding scheme to BWT coremanagement to put authentic power into the development of BWT. Each staff inBWT should see themselves as the master of the company so everyone has thepower to keep the growth and profit match the forecast value of this year, becausethe part of interests of this company are yours.
B. To keepintensive mutual communication to accelerate integrationof Techcent and BWT. Techcent needs to understand BWT’smanagement style, products and technology better and BWT should cooperate withTechcent to promote our centrifuge and other products through its mature saleschannels. Increasing the revenue and profit needs all the efforts of everybodyhere.
C. 2016-2020 is going to be very rewarding years for environmental protection industry in Chinaand beyond.  Chinese center and localgovernment have attached great importance on the industry by giving a series ofsupporting policies. Speaking of supporting policies from government, I wouldlike to deliver a good news on this occasion: German economy & energy minister,Gabriel, and governor of Sichuan province, Yin Li, will witness signing ofThree Party Agreement among Sino-German Techcent, Belfinger and Sichuanprovince government on June 8th in Berlin. Thesustainable development of BWT and products R&D are also our concerns. Iwould set up special development funding to maintain your core competitiveness.I can see in front of us an opportunity, a window to new markets and new stage.
D. BWT is atransnational company affiliated to Techcent Environment, a Chinese listedcompany, since the transaction completed on 31st March. There are many doubtsraised by the public concerning the management on BWT after transaction. Weneed good management but more importantly to give power to management level.Optimized productivity is the test criteria for our way of management. There are four steps to promote management:
1)   We will empower core management in BWT but not to interfere. Let them play fullrole in decision-making. So efficiency and growth will finally prove theirdiligent work.
2)  Bind the shareholdingscheme to the delivery of planned revenue and profit margin so to combinedevelopment of the company with personal gains.
3)   Innovation and development. R&D and marketing mode innovation is the key tosustainable development of BWT. Techcent, as parent company, will integrateresources in capital market to support BWT business expansion like merger andacquisition as well as marketing.
4)BWT作为上市公司的重要组成部分, 应按中国证监会的管理要求来进行管理和管控。
4) BWT, as an importantpart of TECHCENT should be managed in a way abiding by the requirements ofChina Securities Regulatory Commission.
       There is an oldsaying in China “The road with many friends is easy.” I expect that our friendsin BWT could fully engage in and actively push forward our business.
       Dear colleaguesand friends, the future is promising but it builds with our wisdom and effort.Ten thousand years are too long, let’s seize every minute we are having.

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